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The next step is to convert the backed up messages to an.

It will automatically find the SMS backup file. Click on Convert. To transfer contacts, use an app called Rainbow Contacts. This app will fetch contacts from almost every device using Bluetooth. Install the app on your Android and turn on the Bluetooth on the other phone. Click the Easy Fetch Contacts button and select the device that contains your contacts which needs to be imported. Your contacts will be imported.

If you have an account on Outlook, Hotmail or Windows Live, transferring contacts is easy.

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First you need to export your contacts from Microsoft account which is linked to your phone. Once the contacts are fully synced, it should appear in People section on Outlook. Under People , select Manage and then Export. Next, sign in to your Gmail account and click on Contacts. Click on Manage button and select Import. When a dialogue box appears, choose the file you want to import. After the importing process is finished, the contacts should appear on every device which is signed in to your Gmail account. You can also use Outlook. If you have backed up all your images and videos to Onedeive, they can all be easily restores to your Android using Onedrive app.

Unfortunately transferring SMS is not yet possible. This is how you migrate from famous platforms to Android. I have copied the instructions to transfer files from galaxy avant to SDcard.

HOW TO Transfer Nokia Contacts to an Android Device

Can somdone guide me through the process. At least tell me where I do the various parts of the instructions, please. Thank you, Lynn Lucas. Thank you for the comment Lynn Lucas.

To transfer contacts from Nokia Window phone to Samsung using MobileTrans is not a direct procedure because MobileTrans cannot read Windows phone contacts directly. First you will be required to backup your contacts to One Drive.

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Finally, restore them to your Samsung phone. Here is a step by step guide to allow phone to phone transfer of contacts. Click on the part written "Add Contacts". This takes you to a part labeled "Add an account", next to "Get apps". Next, choose "Microsoft Account" and click on "Sign In".

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When the backup process is completed, you can now restore your contacts to a Samsung device. This is simply done by selecting "Restore from backup" option then "OneDrvie" from the pop-up screen. Sign in to your One Drive account and "Contacts" will be selected by default from the list. Click on "Start Transfer". The whole process is easy and it is only a matter of minutes before you have whole the contacts and data transferred to another phone. Do not take the long route to transfer your contacts to Android just because you are using a Windows phone. Mar 09, Product-related questions?

Transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung. Gone are the days when Nokia phones used to be the leading mobile phone in the market.

How to Transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung

It has fast replaced by smartphones given their additional excellent features and also their size. The fact also that Nokia has recently switched its operating system to Windows has increasingly drove off its loyal customers. With a Samsung phone in handy transferring contacts manually from a Nokia, contact list proves to be tedious and above all time consuming.

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