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How do you change the ringtone in blackberry curve ? What phone is better blackberry curve or Iphone?

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The Blackberry Curve is much better, because there is more things to do on it. How do you change the ringtone on blackberry curve? Get the manual, go to the contents and find "Ringtone".

If not,go to the glossaryand try "Ringtone" also. Share to: How do you switch text ringtones on blackberry curve?

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Click on active profile, then on SMS messages. You will see how it is currently set for in hand and in holster. Click on cur … rently selected sound and scroll through list. You should be able to preview each tone as you scroll.

Telegram – How to set individual notification/ringtone to specific contact

Select what you want then click on the menu key and save. Can you send ringtones from iPhone? No, because DRM and copyright, you can't send ringotnes. How do you adjust ringtone volume on blackberry curve? How do you change ringtone blackberry curve? Put it on vibrate and hire a Mexican to follow you, holding your phone, and singing a song when it goes off.

How do you change your ringtone on a blackberry curve?

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  • Telegram – How to set individual notification/ringtone to specific contact.

It's a well-known fact but if you haven't already trashed your Facebook account, they're looking to win back Full story from the Hey guys, I sometimes keep youtube and other videos on my phone to show freinds, however some of them are FLV which XPlayer can play. The problem Long time BlackBerry user, but growing frustrated with my KeyOne lately.

How do you send ringtones from iPhone to blackberry curve

Off and on over 6 months or more, my phone periodically will warn me my Probably nothing special but let's see. Just appeared now in UK. Hi everyone, I have a Key2 for ca.